Job search today is complicated. The approaches that may have been successful a few years ago are in the main, ineffective today.  No longer is it enough to be the most qualified candidate for the role. Increasingly, career transition has become about how you are perceived by employers and about how you position yourself as the most qualified person for the job.

Finding and applying for jobs has been transformed through access to the web and recent technological developments.

  • Social media
  • Job boards
  • Job portals
  • Key word search
  • Applicant tracking programmes
  • The hidden jobs market
  • Telephone and video interviews
  • Increased competition from other applicants

Some or all of these factors plus many challenges, are standing between you and securing your next job.  So let WorkWisdom help you navigate your way through the hiring process with Plan.Prepare.Pitch, a step-by-step job search and interview programme.


Plan.Prepare.Pitch. is a 6 week programme made up of practical exercises, tools, templates and group coaching sessions* that will help you focus on the things that move you forwards getting the job you want.

  • Getting the interview but not the job? Discover what the hiring manager is really looking for.
  • Discover the reasons why your CV is being rejected and what you can to do about it
  • Discover practical tools to help you quickly identify your primary and secondary skills
  • Learn how to create compelling interview stories that you can tailor for each role
  • Learn how to take control of your interviews without being pushy
  • Develop techniques and listening skills for successful telephone interviews
  • Discover tips to help your recruitment agency help you
  • Create your personal job search action plan
  • Discover ways to build your confidence and keep motivated when things get tough

Quote MarkSelina is a detail orientated manager who does not believe in leaving anything to the last minute. The sense of urgency she applies to every task inspired and motivated me to do better. The passion that she has really comes through in the quality of her work. I recommend her to anyone that wants to get the job done and get it done well! I know that she will continue to inspire and motivate all that cross her path.