Creating a partnership of mutual benefit between you and the tenant…


The reasons for owning and renting out property will be specific to you.  People become buy-to-let landlords for a plethora of reasons; for some it is part of their long-term pension planning, for others it started when they bought a property for a child moving away to university and others it has been forced upon them by a slow sales market when a move away is essential.

Whatever the reason, you want what every landlord wants – all the best return on funds invested in property. Indigo Square believe that this is best done by creating a partnership of mutual benefit between you and tenant.  Well-maintained properties attract better quality tenants and better quality tenants attract a more sophisticated landlord.  Indigo Square believe that the best landlords are the best informed landlords and that is why we offer you unique access to key information about your property and the market with private log-in details to gain 24-7 access to information about your investment.

Indigo Square have developed a range of landlord services to meet your individual needs as a Landlord…

Owner Landlord

A tenant introduction service with optional add-ons to suit your needs.  A service best suited to landlords who require the wider reach of a letting agent to find tenants but have the time and experience to undertake the day to day management of the rental agreement.

Portfolio Landlord

A tenant finding and management service that uses leading internet portals and our database to find the right tenant for your property and then provides ongoing management and oversight including regular property inspections and client updates.

Investor Landlord

Particularly suited to portfolio investors but available to all who see their buy-to-let property as a long-term investment but for whom regular life and work prevent any ongoing involvement.  Leave the keys and Indigo Square will take care of everything, including annual reports detailing asset condition, value and your net yield over the preceding 12 months.

Socially Responsible

Our Affordable Home offering. Taking advantage of the Indigo Square expertise in this area, we offer this service to landlords looking for a more ethical investment.  Where possible Indigo Square will partner with Housing Associations and Local Authorities and enter into leases directly with them. Also preference for any works undertaken will be given to small businesses and social enterprises.

Premium Information for Landlords

Landlords should be aware of key legislative requirements they need to fulfil if they wish to rent out residential property in Scotland. Register with us now gain instant access to premium Landlord’s information…

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