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Packie’s Day Was Very Different

I tend to stay away from social media and its knee-jerk reactions after games like yesterday, but from the brief bits that I have seen online the opinions as to why yesterday’s performance occurred seemed to vary from the players being tired due to Brendan not making best use of their full squad and the team being disjointed because Brendan has over-rotated the squad this season. Like all things in life there will not be one simple, straightforward solution and possibly both those have some merit. However from my own position tiredness is almost certainly a factor at play...

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Late Arrivals – 1982 Celtic 3-2 Rangers

Celtic and Rangers locked horns on a miserable, typically dreich, Glasgow afternoon in October 1982. There was huge interest in the game as Celtic were top of the league with Rangers just behind them with the Ibrox men being, at that time, unbeaten in the domestic game. Despite the inclement weather, a massive crowd in excess of 60,000 turned out to watch. This attendance was the highest gate in British football for the entire 1982/83 season and dwarfed anything the big English clubs could produce, proving that the big Glasgow duo were still the biggest attraction in the UK....

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OBFA Route To Repeal

The Offensive Behaviour At Football act – a more useless piece of legislation I’ve yet to come across, but that’s not my opinion, that’s the view of lawyers, judges, civil liberty campaigners, minority rights groups and of course the evidence of our own eyes and ears and the evidence of government statistics. If it was meant to stop a problem it has completely failed. Regular listeners will know my issues with OBFA – one is that the legislation was not needed – we had laws for dealing with racism and sectarianism and behaviour likely to cause trouble. It’s not very good – we’ve had to train the police what is and isn’t offensive so that they can arrest people and they are the only people being offended. It tries to wrap up societies ills – if we have offensive behaviour at football it will exist in society as a whole so why try to wrap it up in a nice bundle and say the issues are all a football one. I could go on but surely better to have someone at the heart of matters discuss so we have Paul Quigley from Fans Against Criminalisation. Enjoy and then please take action… Pick us up from ALL the usual places; iTunes – Stitcher – RSS Feed – Audioboom – Spreaker – YouTube –

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A Tannadice Memory

When I think of the most memorable games during my time supporting Celtic there are a few obvious ones that will immediately spring to mind. Right at the top there is the 4-2 league title win against Rangers in 1979, closely followed by Love Street 1986, the 6-2 annihilation of Rangers in 2000 and the tremendous UEFA cup victory over Liverpool at Anfield in 2003. However there are other often less spectacular games that stay in the mind for good reason and one such game was the Dundee United v Celtic encounter at Tannadice, twenty years ago, on 27...

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Filling The January Void

It’s January and the winter break so sureley we’ve got nothing to talk about….DON’T YOU BELEIVE IT! We’ve got loads and loads so who better to get on than the man who could start a fight in a telephone box Mr Lawrence Donegan. Lawrence is a man of many talents and many of you will know him from his role as the argumentative host of the ByTheMinCeltic podcast whilst others will know him simply as the guru of the ByTheMin empire. For some he’s a great golfing journalist and for others he’s the basist who made Lloyd Cole and the Commotions and the Bluebells were never the same after he left. For others he’s just that Celtic guy on twitter. Whatever you know him as, I know him as a guy passionate about the hoops and so I thought it was about time he came back on the podcast for a state of the nation discussion so between us we take 90 minutes to discuss the Rangers game, the season so far, the transfer rumours we’ve heard (which are mainly about sales) and then our expectations for the rest of the campaign, oh and there is a bit of “In my day” but it’s in an ironic fashion…honest. Enjoy… Pick it up from ALL the usual places; iTunes – Stitcher – RSS Feed – Audioboom –...

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Late Arrivals – 1988 Celtic 2-1 Hearts

On 9th April 1988, Celtic were in a great position during their centenary season. They required one mere point to win the league title, which was a formality given that there were four games remaining and they also found themselves in the semi final of the Scottish Cup. On the day, Hearts provided the opposition at Hampden and brought a big support to Glasgow as 66,000 fans packed into the old national stadium in anticipation to watch. Celtic were on an unbeaten run of 31 games domestically and were strong favourites although Hearts were having a fine season and...

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Podcast Xtra – Lewis Morgan Signs

Today, Friday 5th January, Celtic completed their second signing of the January transfer window with the capture of Lewis Morgan. The 21 year old former Rangers youth player has signed on a 4.5 year contract and will stay at St Mirren for the remainder of this season under the guidance of Jack Ross. A two footed winger, Celtic have high hopes for the youngster who becomes the first Scottish player to sign for Brendan Rodgers. Enjoy… iTunes – Stitcher – RSS Feed – Audioboom – Spreaker – YouTube – TuneIn – Player FM – Soundcloud –...

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Time for Reflection – and Action

Yesterday’s draw at Parkhead has left Celtic fans feeling rather dismayed. In truth, the game should have been put beyond Rangers’ reach before half time with three great chances being spurned. This gave Rangers heart for the second half and had it not been for Craig Gordon’s reflexes then we would be feeling a hell of a lot worse. Things should be kept in perspective. We are 11 points ahead of Rangers with 22 games played so we are still in pole position. Rangers aren’t the first team to come to Parkhead this season and leave with a point....

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Old Fashioned Football Putting Players On Stretchers

I remember reading an article about Alonso’s introduction to British “get-about-em football.” He’d just arrived at Liverpool and was reading the Match Day programme of the first game and saw a piece about one of the up-and-coming youth players. In that article, the youth player listed one of his skills as tackling. Alonso was taken aback. He’d been brought up in Spain where a defender’s role was to anticipate problems, close down space, block runs, impede the opposition’s ability to build attacks. In short, a defender’s skill set was to do anything but tackle. Tackling was a sign of...

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The Celtic Underground – Hun Thumping Dec 16

Supporters in Scotland are dreadfully served by the media and that will be especially evident to Celtic fans hoping to relive the magic Hogmanay Glasgow Derby win. Sky (who cannot hide their disdain for the Scottish game) apparently ceased their broadcast 10 minutes after the match finished. The main terrestrial partner (BBC) are in dispute with Rangers and therefore will have no post match interviews AND their highlights package is being broadcast TOMORROW. With all that crap we’ve therefore done our...

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